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If you  are looking to build or expand your club, an independent site survey might help you save money on expensive wiring and head end work.

Koi IT Consulting services Washington State as Well as Parts of Oregon and Idaho.  We can always make arrangements to travel out side the area. We do not use a service map we just help.

Koi IT Consulting is a independent service provider. We are not just a service and installation company but a consulting firm that can help you with your club. If you are looking for straight forward unbiased consulting then we can help.

Koi IT Consulting is not your typical IT Consulting Firm, we specialize in the design and installation of gym entertainment systems.  Koi IT Consulting has evolved from the Construction and IT industries.  The company’s goal is to bring successful audio,video and data solutions to the health club industry.  Koi  IT Consulting started as a Technology integrator specializing in the construction industry and has since evolved in to a consulting and installation company bringing tested solutions to health clubs.  If you want  multiple Personal Viewing Screens and sophisticated entertainment solutions then you might want to talk with us.